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Typically, roadside assistance will help you with anything you may need to get your vehicle up and running. Their call centers operate all day every day so you can always get help when you need it most. In general, most roadside assistance programs include changing a flat tire, battery jump starts, towing services, lockout service, winching, and fuel delivery.

Roadside Assistance service available at our Drive Autogroup locations

How It Works

The roadside assistance number is available to call at any time. Once you provide a description of your issue to the operator, they choose the best person for the job based on your main problems and sends them to your location as soon as possible. All roadside assistance programs have a network of towing and roadside assistance facilities that are pre-approved and ready to help fix your issue.

Roadside Assistance For New Cars

Most automotive manufacturers have their own roadside assistance program and have roadside assistance rolled into their new vehicle manufacturer’s warranty. In most situations, they provide roadside assistance for a set number of years, without a kilometer limit.

For information on your vehicle’s specific manufacturer’s warranty, you can check your owner’s manual or the manufacturer’s website.

Roadside Assistance for Vehicles that are More Than Three Years Old

If your vehicle is past its manufacturer’s warranty, you can get roadside assistance either on its own, through an insurance company, or by purchasing an extended warranty for your vehicle. Usually, roadside assistance is included in the bill when you purchase an extended warranty and is an optional add-on for your auto insurance. On its own, roadside assistance is generally between $60 and $80 per month.

At Drive Autogroup, our roadside assistance is included in all of our extended warranty packages (for more information about extended warranties, click here) or can be purchased on its own at any one of our dealerships in Pickering, Ajax, Scarborough, Toronto, Markham, or Whitby. If you have purchased roadside assistance or an extended warranty with Drive Autogroup, our team of operators can be reached at 1-800-516-3385 all day, every day.

Roadside Assistance service available at our Drive Autogroup locations

Our Roadside Assistance Includes:

– Mechanical First Aid: covers any minor adjustments needed to get the vehicle up and running that a towing service provider can safely complete on the side of a road
– Tire Service: covers changing a flat tire to a spare one
– Battery Service: covers any attempts to jump-start the vehicle’s battery
– Delivery Service: covers the delivery of emergency supplies such as gasoline, oil, or coolant
– Locksmith Service: covers the recovery of keys locked within the vehicle

In the event that you arrange your own emergency assistance for any of the services covered by our program, we will also reimburse you for any fees you incurred for the services.

Roadside assistance can be very convenient and protects you from costly emergency road service bills. Through the program, they’ll find the best service provider for you and cover their costs. Roadside assistance can mean peace of mind for all drivers; you know you’ll never get stuck on the side of the road or stuck with the bill afterward.

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