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A certified pre-owned vehicle, also known as a CPO vehicle, is a used car that has gone through a full inspection that looks at all of the vehicle’s major systems. The used car must pass the inspection set out by the manufacturer or the dealership that backs the CPO program in order to become a certified pre-owned vehicle. In most cases, the company has their own trained technicians or mechanics that complete all of their CPO-related inspections. This is what makes a CPO vehicle different from any other used car; they undergo thorough assessments that may not have been completed on other used vehicles. These inspections then allow the company to give you special perks on their certified pre-owned cars that they wouldn’t necessarily give on their other used vehicles.

The company certifying the vehicle usually sets out model year and mileage limits to ensure that the car is a good candidate for their program. They check the vehicle history report to make sure the car hasn’t been in any major accidents and check all available service history reports to make sure that the previous owner maintained the car well. Then, trained technicians check all the major systems of the vehicle to make sure the car is still in great condition. This includes the vehicle’s brakes, engine and powertrain, steering and suspension, tires, wheels, and exhaust system. With many CPO programs, the technician will fix or replace any parts they that don’t meet their standards. By doing this, it allows the company to give special benefits to certified used vehicles over ones that aren’t certified.

Shield Program Certified Used Vehicle's available at Drive Autogroup
At Drive Autogroup, we have a large selection of certified pre-owned vehicles across our dealerships in Pickering, Ajax, Toronto, Scarborough, Whitby, and Markham. In addition to our CPO vehicles that are certified by each individual manufacturer, Drive Autogroup also certifies our used vehicles through our Shield Certified Used Vehicle Program. In most cases, our used vehicles are certified by both the manufacturer and Drive so that you get the most coverage on the used vehicle you’re purchasing.

Before a vehicle can be Shield certified, our Factory-Certified Technicians perform a 120-point inspection to ensure that the vehicle is safe and reliable. If any of the parts are not up to Shield standards, they are replaced.

Drive Autogroup Shield Certified Used Vehicle Program

Once a vehicle is Shield Certified, it’s eligible for many added benefits including:

  • 365 Guarantee: Within the first year (or 20 000 km, whichever comes first) of purchasing the vehicle, we will replace wearable parts (including brake pads, tires, wiper inserts, and belts) free of charge.
  • Shield Exchange: If you aren’t happy with your purchase, your used vehicle can be exchanged for another Shield certified vehicle within 15 days (or 500 km, whichever comes first).
  • Lifetime Engine Warranty: At Drive Autogroup, the engine of your Shield Certified Used Vehicle is protected for life.
  • Shield Price: Our independent 3rd party software that compares our vehicles to hundreds of vehicles in the area, so that we can price the vehicle accurately. This means you can be sure that you’re always getting the best deal.
  • 2.9% Interest Rate: All of our Shield Certified vehicles are eligible for Drive Autogroup’s exclusive 2.9% special financing rate, available for a 24-month financing period.
  • Shield Promise: From price validation & accuracy through our 3rd party software to our 15-Day return policy, the Shield program is our promise to provide you with the best possible purchase experience.

Through the Shield Certified Program, we offer flexibility when buying and servicing a used vehicle. We have many online and in-person options to ensure that your transaction is simple and stress-free.

Buying a CPO vehicle is a great alternative to buying a new or used car. They are generally less expensive than new vehicles and can mean peace of mind for you. You can be confident that you’re purchasing a reliable used vehicle and also get the additional benefits that come with purchasing a vehicle that’s part of a Certified Pre-Owned program.